Lillie had one kitten in 2013 a lovely red colour point boy Leo. the previous year 2012, she had six beautiful kittens born on the 11th April. Their Dad is also Elijah and like her Mum Izzie, Lillie is a lovely Mum too and teaches her kittens their social graces.
Lillie and Anatoliy, Nikolai, Kesha, Konstanin, Polinochka and Stepan
Nikolai and Anatoliy six months old aren't we beautiful!
Elijah Lillie's mate from last year
Belphie Lillie's mate from last year
Lillie's kittens from 2011
Four days old
Seven weeks old
Nika Misha Katya
Lillie's kittens five boys born 13th June 2010 some of us will look like our brothers Georgiy and Aleskei below
We are now eight weeks old
Georgiy and Aleskei 2009 litter

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