Izzies second litter in 2008 (she had a rest in 2009)
Lillie one year old "wow" what will her kittens look like?
(see Lillie's latest kittens)
Sergei Natalia (Lillie) Tamara Anastasia Lylia Aleksandra
Izzie's first litter was in 2007 when she had her first six kittens.
Three of Izzies kittens at 12 weeks old (the other three were two seal and another red point)
Aleksandr Anton Lidiya
Aleksandr one year old: Emma says - "He is keeping very well and has grown into a wonderful young man, he is very well behaved and we all love him very much"
"Aren't I beautiful!"
"Life is wonderful"
Ivan (seal point not pictured above) - four weeks old
Ivan - six months old "I'm beautiful too"

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