Izzie had three beautiful kittens born on the 17th March 2012. Their Dad is Elijah who is Belphie's grandson. As usual Izzie is a lovely Mum teaching them their social graces. They all happy in their new homes.

From front to back - Simeon, Yasha and Charlotta
Izzies previous Kittens.
Here we all are
Here are four of us awake the others are off playing
Here we are nine weeks old
Kostya Liza Roza Zhanna Ivan Lara
Below are Izzies kittens from 2012.
Izzie found a new mate Koolblue Phoenix from the popular Witchfyre Cattery follow this link www.cat-haus.co.uk. Phoenix is a red silver tabby and very handsome. We arrived on May 2nd all tabbies - one silver, two tortie and two red
Here we are one week old and our eyes are open
At three weeks we have moved to our own bed
We are four weeks old and starting to play and wash like mummy
Uncle Mac can't wait to play too
We are now eight weeks old and playing with Uncle Mac