Izzie and Mac come from the well known breeder Sapphirensteel. I have visited on a number of occasions and the girls and boys are well cared for. Although they have lovely "palace" pens outside they also wonder around the house and always kitten indoors where they have their own bedrooms. All my cats live indoors but have access to their own private patio outside.
Izzie's Mum and Dad are magnificent and with the combination of Izzie's mate Harry it is no wonder Izzies' first two litters were smashing. However, Izzie's new mate Phoenix and Lillie's mate Belphie from Whitchfyre are equally stunning and have shown that the girls continue to produce fantastic kittens.
Sapphirensteel Anastaysia (Izzie's Mum) Boris Z Kufra Carycy (Izzie's Dad) "My" Izzie (Lillie's Mum)
Hariton Avsen, Izzie's mate 2008 & Lillies Dad. Belphegor, Lillie's mate '10/11 & Izzie's mate '11. Coolblue Phoenix, Izzie's mate '10
Izzie's kittens 2007
Izzie's kittens (Lillie is second from the right) 2008 Lillie's kittens 2009
Izzie's kittens 2010
Lillie's kittens 2010
Izzie's kittens 2011
Lillie's kittens 2011
Izzie's kittens 2012
Lillie's kittens 2012
Lillie's kitten 2013

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