Izzie's brother Mac (Lillie's Uncle Mac) joins in with the care of the kittens when the girls need a rest. Mac is very different. He is mischievous, naughty, adventurous but needy - cuddling close when he is sleepy.
This is mine
No its not you have your own
This looks better on me any way!
Please be good today
You are not meant to be in the bath - go and play with Gus
Gus is their house mate and is a little older (both of my boys have been neutered). Gus is wiser than Mac. He keeps an eye on Mac entertaining him and playing rough and tumble.

I'm going to be good                                   Do you want to play? No I'm under the chair.

I'm staying up here!                                                                I'm winning

I won!                                                                                          Friends again?

Hi Lennie how are you today? Do you want to play

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