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Siberian kittens: We do not have kittens at present but hope to in the summer
Welcome to Sibbycats, I am a cat lover who breeds for pleasure. I am not a business therefore my cats and kittens live with me as pets. I have two girls. Izzie (black tortie tabby) has a loving, calm nature, is inquisitive and mildly independent. Lillie (red tabby and white) is Izzie's daughter. She has a similar personality and it is a delight to have one of my own kittens to see how they develop into loving, sociable cats. She is a wonderful mother and quietly teaches the kittens to wash, litter train and develop their social graces. Uncle Mac and Uncle Gus join in especially teaching the kittens to play and help the girls when they need a rest.

Izzie Uncle Mac

See below for what Pasha's (renamed Boris) new owner says about us
Pasha (Boris) is one of Lillies kittens
'Liz could not have been more helpful and supportive. As first time cat owners, we had lots of questions and Liz was always patient, knowledgeable and caring. Thanks to her (and the great quality of her cats) we have an incredibly happy, loving and handsome kitten. He is very tolerant, friendly and shows the true 'dog like' qualities of the breed. He and my young daughter are firm friends and he has added a great deal to our home.'